If you’ve landed on this page chances are you know the benefits of music already. We all love music- whether it’s singing, playing, dancing, the memory of your favourite gig, the rush of adrenaline you get when you listen to your favourite song or piece…

It’s part of us, it’s instinctive.

So it follows that music plays an essential role in your child’s development.

Language & Literacy

Children learn to sing before they can speak. Music is the perfect medium for helping children to listen and respond. Listening to music and singing help to improve vocabulary, enunciation, comprehension and an appreciation of language structure.


Researchers have also found a connection between early childhood music and foundational maths skills. Counting and moving with music can help children internalise maths concepts.


Children who take part in our sessions develop many other associated skills including balance, listening, co ordination and turn taking.

“Boom Bash Wiggle is a unique music program for young people from 1-6 years.”

In every Boom Bash Wiggle session your child will

Sing their hearts out to a wide range of songs, develop vocal skills, learn musical vocabulary.

Play instruments, learn to read musical notation, play along to the pulse and improvise with music.

Move and dance to a range of music from Classical to Pop.
“Making Music Come Alive!”

If you would like to offer BoomBashwiggle in your nursery or preschool,
please Contact Us for further information.