We understand the importance of music in early childhood, from birth in fact. The sounds, movements and rhythms we make are the building blocks of music and early childhood development.
We believe everyone is born with an aptitude for music…

First, we must learn to speak it.

Watch your baby’s face light up when they first engage with real instruments.

Sing songs to your little one as they lie down, are held in your arms or face their new friends. Listen and move to our piece of the week. Our baby and toddler sessions are a mix of music, dance, song and instruments delivered by classically trained musicians.

“Boom Bash Wiggle is a unique music program for young people from 1-6 years.”

In every Boom Bash Wiggle session your child will

Listen and gurgle to songs and rhymes.
Touch, shake, move instruments and respond to sounds played by us.
Move, bounce, wiggle and giggle their way through 40 mins of musical fun.

“Making Music Come Alive!”

If you would like to offer Boombashwiggle in your nursery or preschool, please Contact Us for further information.